Some of Bishop Rod’s key commitments over the next two months:

Please note this list shows selected engagements only. For availability, please contact Bishop Rod’s office at [email protected]

At present, as a result of the restrictions associated with Coronavirus pandemic, all appointments listed are subject to change.

Diocesan Visits

7th January
Meet with Bishop Christopher, bishop of Southwark
2nd February
London – IMeeting with BAP candidate
3rd February
London – Conversation with Bishop of Fulham and Deans of Women’s Ministry

Church Engagements

24th January
Trinity Church, Islington – Preach
7th February
St Nicholas Sevenoaks – Preach Virtually

Other Speaking Engagements and Meetings

10th and 11th January
Evangelical Bishops – Meet via Zoom
12th and 13th January
CEEC – meet via Zoom
19th January
House of Bishops – Meet via Zoom
21st January
Living in Love and Faith Next Steps task group – Meeting
25th January
College of Bishops – Meet via Zoom
26th January
Fellow Workers discussion meeting with senior incumbents
30th January
Oak Hill College Why Get Ordained virtual event – Speaker
8th February
Southwark ReNew – Meet via Zoom
9th February
House of Bishops – Virtual meeting
10th February
Living in Love and Faith group – Meeting via Zoom
22nd February
South East Regional Bishops – Meet via Zoom
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