Rachel retires as Bishop’s PA

Rachel retires

Rachel Lickiss has been Rod’s PA right from the start, but decided to step down shortly after Rod’s retirement. For many, Rachel has been much more than a PA. She has been the ‘go to’ person for advice; she has developed all the administrative systems on which the Maidstone office now relies; she has organised the publications, communications, meetings and conferences; and has been instrumental in making sure that there is good liaison with dioceses over confirmations, ordinations, the sponsorship of BAP candidates and MDRs. In addition, she has wonderfully mastered the logistical nightmare of organising Rod’s travel and accommodation.

In thanking her, Bishop Rod said ‘God very wonderfully provided me with Rachel as a partner in this ministry from the very start. She has had a very demanding role and one which has developed in ways neither of us could have predicted as time has gone on. She has been very much a partner in this gospel work: I relied on her entirely for my own diary commitments; for working out the practicalities of each week and for following up decisions. She has combined high administrative competence with real friendship – and I know that what is true for me is also the case with many church staff throughout the country. I put on record my great debt to her, my thanks, and my best wishes for her own retirement.’

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