Confirmation at St John’s Bromley

Service of Baptism and Confirmation - 3rd November 2019 - St John's Bromley (003)

Bishop Rod took a confirmation at St John’s Bromley on 3rd November – 17 people were confirmed and eight baptised. Six local churches, representing a very broad sweep of traditions within the CoE, were involved in the service.

Andrew McClellan, Vicar of St John’s said: ” God has blessed us very richly at St John’s in the past couple of years, with several adults finding or re-discovering their faith and a good number of young people being prepared to stand up and identify themselves as Christians.  To see them making their public declarations of faith side by side in last night’s service was a huge thrill for the whole of the church family. ”

Rod is pictured with members of the clergy and staff of some of the churches participating in the service.


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