ReNew Conference Urges Churches to do More to Support Each Other

426 delegates from 226 churches heard a clear call to make mutual support more of a reality at the ReNew conference which took place in Warwickshire on 21st and 22nd September 2015. ReNew brings together three key Anglican evangelical networks: Reform, the Church Society and the Anglican Mission in England. As a conference, it is chaired by William Taylor, the Rector of St Helen’s, Bishopsgate.

Speakers at the conference included John Woodhouse, the former Principal of Moore College, Sydney; Vaughan Roberts, the Rector of St Ebbe’s, Oxford; and Lee Gatiss, the Director of the Church Society. Since Rod Thomas had to leave early to prepare for his consecration at Canterbury, he spoke to the conference in a pre-recorded video. Please watch the video below.

The theme of previous conferences was how evangelical Anglican churches can pioneer, establish and secure Anglican evangelical churches. This year, it was recognised that growth requires local churches to support each other, partly by way of resources and partly by way of encouragement in the face of the pressures we encounter. ‘Striving together’ to present the gospel to a needy world was a key part of living ‘a life worthy of the gospel’ as Philippians 1:27 puts it. All attendees at the conference were urged to attend regional groupings to discuss what practical steps were necessary in their own circumstances. You can download talks from the conference by going to this link

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